Bristol Women’s Commission

Bringing together partners to identify and address issues impacting women and girls in Bristol – the only commission of its type in the UK.

Our Mission

Bristol Women’s Commission was founded on International Women’s Day in 2013 to deliver on the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life. Until women are equal and more women hold power in Bristol, we will work to redress this imbalance by identifying and addressing inequality.

Our Work

Bristol Women’s Commission has dedicated task groups which bring together commissioners and partners to focus on specific areas impacting women and girls – from health to the economy, business and education. We host events, run campaigns, create reports, launch initiatives and influence decision makers. w

Women’s Safety

Our Women’s Safety task group brings together local police, probation service, council, women’s charities and others to explore a range of issues – from challenging sexist attitudes that lead to male violence, harassment on public transport and domestic abuse.

Women’s Health

Our Women’s Health task group brings together representatives from the NHS, women’s charities, universities and more to uncover health inequality and come up with solutions – from gaps in maternity care to how to support women with chronic pain condition.

Women & Girls’ Education

Our Women and Girls’ Education task group brings together representatives from the schools, colleges and universities to look at issues impacting younger women and how to tackle these – including sexual harassment in schools.

Women & the economy

Our Women and the Economy task group brings together national policy experts and economists, the local council, academics, charities and businesses to look at how the economy could better meet the needs of women and girls.

Women in Business

Our Women in Business task group launched the Bristol Women in Business Charter, which is now operated as a separate Community Interest Company chaired by Commissioner Sandra Gordon who continues to lead our Women in Business task group.